Remain Unique

Graphic artwork
T-shirt design

Maytree is a national registered charity. We provide a unique residential service for people in suicidal crisis so they can talk about their suicidal thoughts and behaviour.”


‘REMAIN UNIQUE’ was a social media marketing campaign with a primary goal to raise awareness for the mental health charity Maytree. The charity operates as a respite and sanctuary for those suffering from strong suicidal ideation, providing a place to stay for up to 5 nights. A confidential temporary home, Maytree is a non-medical, refreshingly human approach to addressing mental health; a truly unique service. With support from director Natalie Howarth and fundraising manager George Nelson, REMAIN UNIQUE was able to reach a wide variety of youth circles, with 244 total sales raising nearly £4000.

The images were remixed from outdated science journals, each acting as metaphors for the healing process. Integration, taking a leap of faith, finding new faith; while open to interpretation, they invite the conversation of mental health with a youthful contemporary aesthetic. 
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